Discover one of the most beautiful caves in France! 

Located between the Cevennes and the Ardèche! 

Located 40 minutes from the campsite, come and dive into the heart of this cave which will leave you speechless. It is during a safe and guided tour of about 1 hour that you can discover all the mysteries of these underground galleries. Today, called the Diamond Cave, it is one of the most beautiful in France! The different rooms of this cave will make you discover a magical underground world that will take you to another universe. 

This visit is an opportunity to learn more about the formation of a cave and its specificities, between calcite concretions, stalagmites and stalactites of varied and unique shapes. Those of La Cocalière are considered the most beautiful and unusual. 

All these geological curiosities are usually reflected in the clear blue water of the gours or natural pools. Those of the Salle des Gours, staggered in steps, are remarkable. As you pass by, a pearl of a cave in formation will catch your eye, especially as it is a natural phenomenon that is visually very rare. 

An extraordinary day full of discoveries! 

After the tour, the day continues with a return trip on the small train and a walk along the open-air discovery trail to the observation tower. Afterwards, take the opportunity to relax in the gourmet area or on the picnic area. End the day in the site shop, to take home a souvenir for yourself or your family!