La Grand-Combe, a historic town in the Gard

La Grand'Combe is a typical French town in the Ricard valley, located in the Gard department in the Occitanie region. It was born during the industrial revolution from the territory of former communes of the valley and since then, its history preserves the imprint of this period during which the company of the Mines of Grand'Combe and the railways of the Gard were created. Thus, La Grand'Combe is the repository of the know-how of old trades, a cultural heritage that it shares with the public via museums and its website.

The world of the "Mans negros pan blan

The valley was one of the cradles of coal mining in the Cévennes. With this past in mind, the commune has set up a website dedicated to this profession which has ensured its development. It is through a museum called the "miner's house" that a retrospective of the daily life of these workers is presented.

The miners were called "mans negros pan blan" (black hands white bread): an allusion to the fact that they had black hands because of the coal, but enough money to buy white bread. The emblem of the municipality is inscribed under this coat of arms. Apart from the mines, certain essential trades have also made La Grand'Combe a dynamic economic centre. Today, they are presented in another special museum.

The House of Old Trades

This museum consists of 13 stalls which present the life of the valley's inhabitants and their trades. It is a return to the professional past of the commune's ancestors. The Miner's House has its own website with all the information you need to access its location in the municipality: choose the times of the visit, prepare enough money to enjoy this activity...: in short, make your own visit programme.

Tourists staying at Camping Sunêlia La Clémentine are used to enjoying these attractions, which are located about 10 km from their pitch. These two well known museums attract many visitors all year round. To find out more, their respective websites provide valuable information.

The Saturday Market

Every Saturday morning, come and stroll through the streets of La Grand-Combe and discover its large market. The opportunity to discover many local products.