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If it is true that big cities are legendary tourist places, one can also be fully satisfied by going to small towns or villages with several tourist assets. Such is the case of the small French town of Saint Jean du Gard in the heart of the Cevennes.

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Your vacations in camping near Saint Jean du Gard

To get to this small town, you have to go to the region “Occitanie”, more precisely in the department of Gard. Next to it are cities such as Nîmes or Alès, the “capital of the Cevennes”. Its fame comes from the Cevennes: a confirmed tourist site at the foot of which it happens to be located. It is also known as the “Pearl of the Cevennes“.

Camping in Saint Jean du Gard

Because of its good geographical location, Saint Jean du Gard offers several privileges to its visitors. Its proximity to nature and the Cevennes has made it a choice tourist destination that continues to attract new tourists every year. And to get closer to nature, what better than a campsite?

For a quality campsite, choose the “Croix Clémentine”. This 4 star campsite is located in the vicinity of Saint Jean du Gard and offers tourists several interesting possibilities: discover Saint Jean du Gard and its surroundings, go for a walk in the forest, discover the Cevennes…

What to see in Saint Jean du Gard ?

With its history of Roman origins, Saint Jean du Gard has several cultural and historical monuments that tourists are always eager to visit. Some examples of these monuments are :

  • The castle of Saint de Jean (rebuilt since the XVIIth century) ;
  • La Maison Rouge (historical house that saw the birth and development of the silk industry in the 19th century);
  • The Stevenson Fountain (which was actually dedicated to the Scottish writer);
  • The temple on the Place Carnot (religious vestige).