Our Story

Discover Authentic Havens of Life

Each destination in our Villages Collection is chosen with passion, not only for its surrounding beauty but also for its unique character, a true soul.

The leaders of Compagnie Gustave GROEBLI express this attachment:

"Our choices are the result of a love at first sight. We select places that inspire life and have their own identity."

Our Villages Collection offers a total escape from urban tumult. Immerse yourself in nature, in a preserved and secure 24/7 setting, accessible through a private entrance, allowing you to recharge at your own pace.

At the heart of each of our villages, water is the main theme, whether it's winding rivers, beaches lined with fine sand, or peaceful lakes. You'll enjoy a vast azure lagoon, equipped with beaches for your comfort, offering your entire family an incomparable relaxation spot. The surroundings are filled with various activities, from playgrounds for the youngest to sports fields and quality dining options.

In a carefully maintained landscape setting, you'll find the tranquility and connection with nature you seek during your outdoor stays. Our Villages Collection invites you to fully experience the vacation you've always imagined, with the utmost respect for the environment around us.